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The new item revealed on an in-game loading screen will let players rain down death from their very own machine gun emplacement

Fortnite players will finally have something beefier than traps to defend their forts with — a portable machine gun emplacement.

The new death-dealer will be an item you can pick up, then place wheresoever you wish, once it is added to the game.

This is likely to happen this week, either tomorrow or on Thursday when the weekly update arrives.

Accompanying the above picture of the turret is the text: “Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat.”

The turret, which looks like an anti-aircraft gun, seems likely to be a high-rate-of-fire low damage weapon.

The note about overheating suggests it either won’t have limited ammo resources or will just not be able to fired non-stop.

A close-up view of the turret that’s coming to a battlefield near you soon

A close-up view of the turret that’s coming to a battlefield near you soon

The sheer size of the gun, as well as the shielding on the front, make it look like a frontal assault on it futile.

That having been said, the open sides and obviously static nature provide some obvious weaknesses, though one imagines those can be mitigated by building.

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